Saturday, September 5, 2009

God's Sovereignty and Human Freedom

As I begin to preach through Ephesians the subject of God's sovereignty and human freedom looms large. Ephesians 1:4 & 5 says that God chooses and predestines people to salvation. So how does God's choosing intersect with our free will? Do we even have free will? If so, how do these two concepts go together?

This begins a series of posts in this subject. Theologian Wayne Grudem does an excellent job of explaining the balance:
It seems better to affirm that God causes all things that happen, but that he does so in such a way that he somehow upholds our ability to make willing, responsible choices, choices that have real and eternal results, and for which we are held accountable. Exactly how God combines his providential control with our willing and significant choices, Scripture does not explain to us. But rather than deny one aspect or the other (simply because we cannot explain how both can be true), we should accept both in an attempt to be faithful to the teaching of all of Scripture (Systematic Theology, p.321).
What do you think?

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