Tuesday, January 19, 2010

God's Heart for Haiti

On Sunday I scrapped my Ephesians message and talked about Haiti and our response as Christians.

One major point of the message was to explain why we need to look at the pictures and think about the devastation in Haiti instead of simply moving on with our lives. I offer three reasons:
  1. Because we need to be shaken and moved.
  2. Because this is God's heart.
  3. Because we have the resources to help.

Picture: Tequila Minsky for The New York Times

1 comment:

  1. I think many ask, "should I give?" I believe the answer is always yes. The question should be, "how much of God's money/time would He like me to invest in this cause?" The account open in His name is limitless, yet we are the one's that place limitations on what can be distributed. God places many resources/talents in the hands of those who have been faithful in the few. Not only in this life, but the next. Lord, move our hearts to hold nothing back.