Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Rant on Worship Music

Check out this great "rant" from Jeremy Pierce about worship music:

Here are some of the things I really hate in a worship song.

1. Too simplistic, banal, lacking in depth, shallow, doctrineless: Consider that one that just talks about unity among brothers that only mentions God in passing at the very end.

2. It’s so repetitive. I mean, come on, how many times can you repeat “His steadfast love endures forever” before you start thinking the song is going to go on forever? Examples: here and here

3. For some songs, the focus is too much on instruments, and the sheer volume leads to its seeming more like a performance than worship and prevents quiet contemplation.

4. There might be too much emphasis on too intimate a relationship with God, using first-person singular pronouns like “me” and “I” or second-person pronouns like “you” instead of words like “we” and “God”. This fosters a spirit of individualism, and it generates an atmosphere of religious euphoria rather than actual worship of God. Worship should be about God, not about us. Or what about the ones that use physical language to describe God and our relationship with him? Can you really stomach the idea of tasting God?

5. Some songs have way too many words for anyone to learn.

Click here to read the rest.

UPDATE: Apparently I should have made it clear that this "rant" is tongue-in-cheek. Click the links to see Psalms that do just what the author is lamenting!


  1. GREAT POST!!!
    However, you might want to let people know how tongue in cheek this is. I didn't click on any of the links until I went to read the rest, and decided I needed to understand what was really being said. You are lucky, because I was getting ready to make comments like;
    "These are the same arguments that have going around for years, COME UP WITH SOME NEW ONES THAT ARE BIBLICAL!"
    But, fortunately for you, I will not ask you those questions.

  2. Apparently it got a few others as well! Didn't mean for that to happen...