Sunday, October 17, 2010

Explaining the Trinity to a 7 Year-Old

From Justin Taylor:

Common sense would tell you that the younger a child is, the harder it is to explain the Trinity in an understandable way.

Common sense can be wrong.

When my daughter was 5 we talked about the Trinity, and she explained to me that it’s a hard doctrine for little kids (like her younger brother) to understand, and that it’s only older kids (like her) who truly understand it.

Now that she has a few more years under her belt (age 7), she has become more confused about the Trinity—to the point where she was having trouble sleeping due to it being so perplexing to her.

On our ride to school recently I did my best to give her some help. Her response was: “You just made things more confusinger.”

Read more as Justin explains some helpful ways to increase your understanding of the Trinity. Below, see a traditional and helpful diagram.

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