Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christians Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction

Justin Taylor recommends a recent book on homosexuality. His comments are very helpful and a much needed word on helping those who are struggling with same-sex attraction. I pray that the church I pastor will be a place of help and hope for those struggling in this area. I think a first step is the need for a safe place to express the struggle, to know that if you struggle with homosexual feelings you are not alone. One of Satan's deadliest tactics in this area is to keep you quiet and alone in your struggle. You need a small community of people to help you, and in the process you can help them with their struggles too.

You might also check out this message I gave last year on Homosexuality & Abortion. Here is the book recommendation from Justin Taylor:
I would encourage all heterosexual pastors to seriously consider buying and reading this book. Part 1 of this book is the best thing I know for growing in empathy, understanding, and insight with respect to true believers who feel—and struggle against—same-sex desires.

A friend who struggles with same-sex attraction but has experienced much grace and strength recently suggested that the church has positively developed two modes of response to homosexuality: apologetics (responding to homosexual revisionists who want to distort the Bible to further an agenda) and evangelism (seeking to win homosexuals to the Lord). But the missing element is member care (caring for, nurturing, discipling, loving, and accepting those already within the body of Christ who are secretly struggling with sin in secret). As Wesley Hill comments in the book: “It is not secret that a large number of gay Christians feel frightened at the thought of sharing the story of their sexuality with their fellow believers.”

Read the full recommendation here.

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