Monday, December 20, 2010

Incarnation Invasion

Back in November I posted a link to an Advent e-devotional put out by Gordon-Conwell Seminary. I thought this one was particularly good:

LUKE 3:1-9
David A. Currie
I’ve been rethinking how we handle Christmas music. It’s not so much carols in October; it’s what we hear on Christmas Eve. I think we should add a prelude from the scores of films like The Longest Day or Saving Private Ryan.

Why? Because the Incarnation is an invasion. The eternal Son of God becomes human to reclaim God’s creation from self-centered usurpers–like us!–and to restore God as its rightful ruler. Jesus’ birthday is God’s D-Day.

Before any invasion, special operations forces are sent in to prepare the way, to try to get the local population to welcome the invaders. A friend of mine, a Navy SEAL, gave me a general idea of what’s involved. They live off the land, blend into the countryside, avoid population centers and seek out possible sympathizers ready for change.

Sort of sounds like John the Baptist: he hangs out in the wilderness, eats locusts and wild honey, wears camel camo and prepares people for the Incarnation invasion, the coming of Christ. Like a typical soldier, John gets right to the point: “Join the repentance rebellion! Switch your allegiance from self-serving to Christ-serving. Sprout fruits that reveal your roots” (vs. 8-9). These remain our Advent orders, as timely as we prepare for Christ’s second coming as they were for his first coming, as necessary for our neighbors as for John’s.
While you're at it, you may need to listen to Trip Lee's Invasion. The video is just okay but the lyrics are incredible. Here it is:

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