Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jesus on Heaven & Hell

Here's the message I gave on Sunday about heaven & hell, along with the major points.

The most helpful thing I came across in preparing for this message was the C.S. Lewis/Tim Keller explanation of eternity as an extension of our life here, so that if I desire Jesus, trust him, and seek a relationship with him here, that will extend on into eternity. This is the essence of heaven - relationship with Jesus. On the other hand, if I reject Jesus and do not desire a relationship with him here, that will continue on into eternity. This is hell - separation from Jesus.

Jesus on Heaven & Hell
Matthew 25:31-46
Jesus desires that all people would be saved from hell (Ez. 18:23; 1 Tim. 2:3-4; John 3:17).

Jesus on Eternity
+ Eternity is about final judgment based on what you do with Jesus
+ There are two possible eternal destinations
+ The focal point of eternity is relationship (or separation)

Jesus on Hell
+ It's separation
+ It's eternal and conscious
+ It's suffering

Jesus on Heaven
+ It's relationship with Jesus
+ It's unfathomable joy
Listen or download the audio.

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