Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alvin Sanders on Reconciliation

Recently our church had the privilege of hearing from Alvin Sanders during a special weekend focused on reconciliation. Alvin is the director of the EFCA's Samaritan Way, an arm focused on reversing division and multiplying kingdom growth. We were able to sit down with Alvin for a few minutes to ask him some questions about reconciliation.

In this video, Alvin answers these questions:
  • Why don't you speak of "racial reconciliation," but simply "reconciliation?"
  • Why is theology absolutely necessary for effective reconciliation?
  • Summarize the theology that must inform reconciliation.
  • Tell us what you mean when you say: "Reconciliation is bridge-building. Bridges get walked on from both sides."
  • What are some resources we can look to for more on reconciliation?

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