Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vacation in Pictures and Video

I took a break from blogging over the holidays and thought I'd come back with a picture and video summary of some happenings. I hope you enjoyed a great Christmas and New Years. Now it's back to work! But first, enjoy some fun...

This is my brother and a fairly famous player from the Chicago Bears. You can guess who is who. Neither look to happy!

Sydney, my second daughter, trying out make-up. Might want to give it a few more years Syd.

Saw this on ESPN's "Not Top Ten" plays of the year. We laughed a ton because my otherwise very athletic wife ran hurdles for one year in high school and knocked down every last hurdle in a race.

Quinn, our youngest, and her cousin Eliza rockin the iPhone.

Saw this one in Indiana. Best logo I have every seen. Some graphic design person said, "Hey, you work on digestive issues, let's make your logo a big colon."


  1. Be careful....that could be my husband someday making those great logos :)

  2. Sitting in Dayton airport waiting for my flight which is delayed by 2 hours...stinks right? Well it did until Chinese hurdler cheats and still loses entered my life

  3. Kristyn - hopefully he will avoid using internal organs!

    Joe - Chinese hurdler is amazing. I think there's even a video set to music.