Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thinking Missional

We continued the Missional series last Sunday by talking about the need for us to think like missionaries to our community, which means we must learn to communicate the Gospel in culturally relevant ways without compromising the message. This is a stretch for many people in the church because we don't typically think of ourselves as missionaries and our community as a mission field. We accept that a person headed to Ethiopia as a missionary would have to study the culture, learn the language, and embrace methods that fit the context. So why don't we do that in our own culture?

We also tend to either completely shelter ourselves from our culture or completely embrace our culture without discernment. But to be missional, we must take a middle approach demonstrated to us by Paul in Acts 17.

Paul's Approach in Athens (Acts 17)
  • Observe the culture (v. 16)
  • Spend time in the marketplace (v. 17-21)
  • Connect and confront (v. 22-29)
  • Point to Jesus (v. 30-31)
For more on this, check out the message below.

Thinking Missional from Jared L. Pierson on Vimeo.

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