Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recommended Reading on the Old Testament

On Sunday I began a four week teaching series called The Big Story: Through the Bible in 4 Weeks. My hope is to help our people understand how the Bible fits together while peaking their desire to go deeper. So, to that end here are some recommended resources for learning more about the Old Testament.

On The Old Testament by Mark Driscoll
This is in a series of booklets called, "A book you'll actually read." Driscoll concisely answers 9 common questions about the Old Testament and gives an introduction to each of the 39 OT books.

Survey of the Old Testament by Paul Benware
This is an excellent introduction to the Old Testament complete with colorful illustrations, maps, and charts. Very helpful for understanding the flow of the Old Testament and a basic introduction to each OT book.

Encountering the Old Testament by Bill T. Arnold & Bryan E. Beyer
This introduction goes a little deeper than the other books and is used for Bible college students. But it is still very accessible and well done.

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones
This is a must-have for all families with young children, and it's actually great for everyone. One of the best books I could recommend in any category.

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