Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Transformational Church & Thoughts on Worship

Early this year I enjoyed reading Transformational Church by Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer. It's a great book for assessing your church and moving to a missional mode of ministry. I may post some comments from other chapters, but here some helpful thoughts from their chapter on worship:
  • When people attend worship, are they simply observing a show or being transformed by God? (p. 154)
  • Reducing worship to a focus on style removes God as the reason for gathering. (p. 157)
  • Every generation dislikes the previous generation's music. And many in each generation also dislike the next generation's music. So there is a constant tension between three generations about their preferences between at least three kinds of music. We fight about musical style, yet God uses all kinds of music for His glory and honor. We are fighting over cultural forms when we should engage in biblical meanings. Can God use different forms of music? Yes. Remember, worship is an issue of the heart. And from the biblical record, we find no such thing as Christian music, only Christian lyrics. (p. 159)
  • No style of music is relevant to every culture in the world. Your current style may match your community, but that could change in five years. Will you be willing to change, or will you insist on imposing your style of music on the people in the community you seem committed to reach? (p. 161)
The last quote really has me thinking about whether or not the music we use at OBF is relevant to our culture. I think it is fairly relevant to our Mid-west, Christian culture, but is it relevant to our non-churched community? Of course relevance must be subservient to glorifying God with appropriate lyrics in worship, but there is still so much to be determined in terms of musical style. So, I'm just pondering, are we being relevant to our community with our music?

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