Friday, September 23, 2011

Finishing... A New Blog

I'm happy to see that Mark Brown, co-director of Cru at Miami University has started blogging. God has given Mark a lot of wisdom in the areas of discipleship, mentoring, evangelism, and leadership, so I'm excited to see him use this platform to share some insight with the rest of us. His heart in this blog is to help others finish well. Check out his first post here:

So, I am very new to the entire blogging deal. But I thought I would post some introductory comments of what I want to accomplish through this blog. First, I never really thought I had much to say that anyone would ever want to read. (This still could very well be true.) But as I have reflected on this, I am convinced that I ma not be the most profound thinker, but I have some thoughts that could help anyone who desires to finish life well. Secondly, this blog will help me process my own journey in finishing well. Ever since I can remember, I have desired to finish well. Yet, so many people I have known never make it. Ultimately, I believe it is the grace of God that will sustain me and allow me to finish well. I hope to point you to resources that will help you on this journey. Lastly, the statistics are startling. Steve Farrar in his book, Finishing Strong says that " One out of ten men finish strong." It doesn't take long to look around and see this reality for yourself.
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