Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Parenting and Second-Hand Stress

Here are some helpful thoughts on parenting from Kevin DeYoung that I found both encouraging (because I was reminded I'm not the only one who gets impatient with my children) and challenging (because I need Christ's help to become less impatient with my children). DeYoung writes:
If I had to name a besetting sin right now it would be impatience, especially with my kids. I don’t think this is a constant problem, but it is recurring. I love my kids dearly and play with them and do special things with them and try to teach them the Bible and discipline them when they disobey. But I can also be impatient. And that’s a sin. I needlessly exasperate them at times. And that’s a sin too.

So I took note of these paragraphs from Bryan Caplan who has written a sometimes-right-on, sometimes-head-scratching, non-Christian, pro-big family book on parenting:

Most parents worry about the dangers of secondhand smoke. But few consider the dangers of secondhand stress. If you make yourself miserable to do a special favor for your child, he might enjoy it. But if he senses your negative feelings, he might come to share them.

Read the rest here.

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