Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Grill Saga

In last Sunday's message on Jonathan & David, I used an illustration about my grill - that you don't go over to another man's house and cook on their grill or offer another man suggestions on how to cook on his grill, etc. I talked about how important my grill is, and how it would be a big deal to give it to someone else...which lead to the following.

Sunday, October 2
Arriving home from church and looking forward to cooking smoked pork steaks on my grill, I found it missing but replaced with this beauty:

I started texting my good friend Jason Reynolds to see if he was the culprit. He played dumb.

Monday, October 3
I received over 20 text messages from various people that said, "I did it." I replied to all of them that I was glad the Oxford Police Department would have some suspects. At the same time my grill was making its way around Oxford on the back of a trailer, visiting various people in Oxford as the photos below indicate:

On Monday night I happened to look out my front window at 10pm to see a certain blue Jeep Wrangler equipped with trailer driving down my street. I texted the driver (the aforementioned Jason Reynolds) to see what he was doing, and he replied that he was going to stop by but remembered we had company.

Tuesday, October 4
As I got in my vehicle to head to work in the morning, two envelopes sat perched on my windshield. They contained the pictures above and a puzzle map to the location of my grill. However, without a truck to put the grill on, 4 young children to take care of, a church to lead, and needing to watch the new iPhone 4s video, I was unable to retrieve the grill. Since I delayed, the grill ended up on Craigslist (see here). Hey, I'd take $5000 for it.

Wednesday, October 5
The grill was still missing. I was still waiting to cook the steaks from Sunday. And then this happened:

Of course, that wasn't really my grill, and it somehow returned home later that day. That night we finally enjoyed Sunday's dinner.

So there it is. Just one more thing left: payback.

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