Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Missions There AND Here

A good word here from Doug Wilson for would-be overseas missionaries, short-termers, and every Christian:
The principle is this: you export whatever it is you are manufacturing.

What you practice at home is the show you take on the road. What you grow in your fields is what you load on the trucks. Compassing sea and land doesn't generate a new message. The way you live when you get on the plane is going to be the single best indicator of how you live when you get off the plane. In short, don't expect geographical location to fix anything...

If the motive force for a church's evangelism is excitement over the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, then that evangelism will be in evidence both locally and in foreign missions. But if 98% of the evangelism done by a church is overseas, they are trying to export something they do not have.

The point here is that missions is not something we do "over there," but something we are all called to do wherever God has placed us. Churches must be on mission in their community. Businesspeople must be on mission in their business. Families must be on mission in their neighborhood. Then, if God calls you overseas, you will simply do there what you have already been doing here.

You can read the whole post here.

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